Two Creation Retreats!!

I'm excited to announce the Core Academy of Science schedule for spring, 2018.  When we got our new building, I promised that we would have an expanded schedule of activities, so here we go.  First of all, we're introducing a monthly seminar series at Core Academy (245 California Ave, Dayton, TN).  I'm going to handle the first batch of talks, but then (God willing), we'll branch out to host other speakers in the future.  The seminars will be Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, and we'll try to keep them all family friendly and not too technical.  They are free to the public, but we'll give an opportunity for contributions.  Here's the inaugural schedule:

  • January 30: A History of the Supposed War between Christianity and Science
    Contrary to common assumptions, Christianity has long viewed science favorably, and even nurtured the rise of modern science.  Come learn the surprising but true history of Christianity's relationship to science.
  • February 20: The Quest: Creationism for the 21st Century
    Many Christians today have made peace with evolution.  The Scopes Trial was nearly 100 years ago.  Is there any reason to bother with creationism any more?  Find out as Dr. Wood describes his quest to understand God's creation.
  • March 27: Natural Evil: Why did God Make Bad Things?
    From poison ivy to rattlesnakes, the world is full of critters that are exquisitely designed to hurt and kill.  Why would a good God make such terrible things?  In this seminar, Dr. Wood will take us on a tour of Christian thinking about natural evil, from the earliest church history to the present.
  • April 24: Creation & Cavemen: What Do Fossils Say about Adam and Eve?
    New human and ape fossils are regularly discovered, and they seem like really good evidence for evolution.  Does this mean Christians have to give up believing in Adam and Eve?  Dr. Wood will present the results of his original research on human fossils to answer these difficult questions.  This seminar includes special models of human fossils!

I'm also really, really excited to announce we're expanding our Creation Retreat program.  Tickets are already selling fast for our fourth annual Smoky Mountain Creation Retreat.  This year's theme is Biblical Chronology, and we'll have special guest Pastor Jeremy Sexton to help us understand this important subject.  The retreat is April 13-15 in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Get your tickets right now before they're gone!

Our newest retreat is the Shenandoah Valley Creation Retreat!  When I was in school, I lived in the Shenandoah Valley, so I'm very happy to be coming "home" for a weekend.  We'll be in Keezletown, VA at the foot of Massanutten, and I'll be leading the discussion sessions on the subject of Understanding God's Creation.  The retreat is February 23-25, and you can find all the details (including tickets) at our website.

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