Goodbye, 2017!

What a year!  I was in a movie!  Core Academy got a new home!  There was a solar eclipse just outside my front door!  It was unforgettable.

As I look back with gratitude, I'm also looking forward to what the Lord has in store for 2018.  Core Academy's ministry is growing, and we're looking forward to reaching even more students in the new year.  We're expanding our Creation Retreats (to the Shenandoah Valley), which is our most popular event.  Tickets to the Smoky Mountain Creation Retreat are already half gone!  Next year will be another exciting year of growth for Core Academy!

At this time of year, ministries everywhere are asking for special holiday donations.  At Core Academy, we receive about a third of our annual income between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year is a little different since we had a big fundraising push in the summer for our new building.  Donations always drop off sharply after a big fund drive.  Ironically, even though we're having the best year we've ever had according to our checkbook, we're still behind on our regular budget needs.  We're entering the holidays with a need of $12,000 to finish the year in the black.  I'm pleased to say we've already received $1,200 to get us started.

Will you help us continue our ministry with a Christmas gift?  Click on the donation button at the end of this post or visit to make a contribution.

Thanks for a great 2017!

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