CELD returns!

Seventeen years ago, when I was just starting to research and write Understanding the Pattern of Life, I needed to find what creationists had written on a wide range of subjects.  Skimming through creationist journals and magazines was time-consuming and tedious, so I decided to create a creationist PubMed.  So while I was busy researching and writing a book, I was also creating a new database of creationist literature in my spare time.  I called it CELD, the Creation-Evolution Literature Database.

We maintained CELD pretty well for slightly more than a decade, but in the turmoil of launching Core Academy, we put it aside.  It was always available online, and occasionally people would ask me if we're ever going to update CELD.  I always told them that someday it would be revived.  Well, someday has finally arrived.

I'm pleased to announce that CELD now has an official sponsor, Is Genesis History?.  With their generous support, Core Academy recruited a new team member, Jennifer Terry.  Jennifer is a Bryan College graduate and comes to us with more than two decades of experience in office management, data entry, and customer service.  Over the next few weeks, she'll be catching us up on the last five years of publications.  Jennifer will eventually take over managing CELD, including maintaining the Core Academy periodical collection, updating CELD with the latest issues, and adding new titles to the collection.

EXCITING!  Jennifer's working on CELD!
If you see Jennifer around Core Academy HQ, say hello.  If you're interested in following our progress with CELD, you can check out our Content page, where you can see our progress on the many titles found in CELD.  And if you're interested in a creationist documentary featuring yours truly (because, let's be honest, you certainly should be), be sure to check out Is Genesis History?, which you can get on DVD, Blu-ray, or On Demand at the IGH website.  I am extremely grateful for their support of CELD, so check them out!

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