Homo naledi: there is another

Homo naledi composite cranium

In case you don't keep up with such things, the underground astronauts have resumed excavating fossils from the Rising Star cave.  They're recovering bones of Homo naledi at both the Dinaledi (101) and Lesedi (102) chambers.  This morning Lee Berger tweeted about a third site in the same cave system:

As I've noted before, a second fossil site (Lesedi) suggests that the entire cave system was being used for deliberate burial of Homo naledi.  Using Dembski's design filter, we can rule out chance as a cause by using specification, characteristics of an event that suggest deliberate or intentional action.  In Rising Star, we might argue for chance if we found one chamber of hominin bones, even though the characteristics of the original Dinaledi chamber are extremely difficult to reconcile with that interpretation.  Three similar sites of hominin bones in the same cave system effectively rules out chance.  These Homo naledi bones were deliberately placed in that cave.  Homo naledi buried its dead (because as I see it, they were human beings).

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