Core Academy update

Here's a quick update of our building project!

As always, there have been delays with our construction plans.  What a surprise.  We've also run into code requirements that have modified our intentions as well.  It's been frustrating at times, but we're still amazed and thankful at how quickly things are moving.

We started out with this just an empty lot, and within a month, the buildings were on site and assembled.

Reminder: Our building is on the left.

Then the guys came in and tore up the ground to get utilities connected.

Once the electric was hooked up, we started work on replacing some trim and painting the inside.

And that's where we are.  We're currently working to finish the classroom, since school starts next week!  Then we'll finish the office part of the building.  That room will need flooring, paint, and some other minor modifications.  God willing, we'll also have a new door, closet, and kitchen.  We hope this will be done by the end of September.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have given us time and effort as we work on all the details!  Your prayers are appreciated, and if you don't pray, well, you should.

Thanks again to all our donors and to the Lord for providing this wonderful building!

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