Core Academy's new home!

The new home of Core Academy
As most of you know, Core Academy has been on its own since 2013, exactly four years at the end of this month.  We have worked hard to build the ministry into something that reaches beyond just college students.  We now have video classes that minister to home school families.  We're working on a new textbook called Introduction to Science, which is going very well.  We also continue to work with college-aged interns on original research projects, maintain a busy speaking, research, and writing schedule, and teach classes at our local Christian school, Rhea County Academy (RCA).

All the while, we've been desperate for more space.  Even when we were part of Bryan College, we were outgrowing our space, and the problem's gotten much worse now that we are on our own.  The college graciously allowed us to use our offices, but we have continued to pray and seek suitable (and affordable) new space.  Our positive relationship with RCA led me to wonder if there might be a way to work together and maybe share a building with them on their campus.  Well, this year, that finally came to pass.

When a local public school announced they would be auctioning two portable classroom buildings, I jumped on it.  I knew RCA needed the space, and so I proposed we pool our funds and get both buildings.  To my delight, both of our boards agreed that this was a good idea, so last week, we bought one building and RCA bought the other.  Our building will be the science building, with Core Academy offices occupying half the building and RCA's science classroom in the other half.

Now there is much to do.  The buildings will arrive in the next three weeks, and then the renovations will begin.  We need to do some remodeling and repair work on the roof and ceilings.  We need to redo the closet, bathroom, and kitchen (Why does a portable classroom have a kitchen?  No idea.  It has a shower, too.  'Tis a peculiar building.).  We have to put in some new walls and then give the whole thing a good scrubbing and new paint job.

And we really, really want to get it all done before school starts.  We were able to pay cash to buy the building and have it moved and installed at RCA.  We need another $10,000 for the remaining renovations and also to purchase needed furnishings, like a desk to work at and chairs to sit on (RCA will furnish the classroom side of our building).

So that's where you come in.  I know many of you have followed my journey for many years.  I received many kind and concerned emails when CORE was shut down and we were searching for a new home.  Now I need my readers to help us finish this next step in Core Academy's growth.  We're looking for donations of any size or type.  If you will say a prayer for us, that would be wonderful.  If you can help us with the renovations or moving, shoot me an email.  If you can make a donation, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you've ever cared about Core Academy, now is the time we need you most.  You can click on the Donate button at the end of this email, or visit our Building Project for more information on how you can contribute.

This new building will give us a new home where we can house all our equipment, library, and archives under one roof.  We'll be able to improve every aspect of the ministry, from basic time management to student ministry to research and writing.  Even though this building is not a permanent solution to our needs, it is a significant milestone in our growth, and I'm immensely grateful.  I'm thankful for every donor who's given to Core Academy, and I'm thankful to God for bringing us this far in a challenging journey.  The work has been hard, but He has been faithful.  Hallelujah!

Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com. If you enjoyed this article, please consider a contribution to Core Academy of Science. Thank you.