A special movie screening at Origins 2016

We've got a special event for this year's Origins conference, and I wanted to tell you a little about it.  Thomas Purifoy of Compass Cinema is bringing an early edit of their new documentary film Is Genesis History?  We'll be screening the movie on Friday afternoon of the conference, but this will be a different sort of screening.  Instead of just running the movie as-is, we'll be stopping for comments periodically as we view the whole film.  We want to use this as an opportunity to get feedback from some of the folks in the movie, like me.  We'll also have forms for people to write down their comments, in case you don't want to talk in front of the crowd.

To learn more about Is Genesis History? visit their website.  If you'd like to attend Origins 2016, there are still a few tickets left.  You can get them at the conference website.

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