Research Week: The Kuiper Belt

It's Research Week here, and I'm highlighting some interesting and fun new research results that have been published lately.  When I started thinking about blogging about Pluto again, NASA and the New Horizons team released a new map of Pluto, and I got excited about making a little animation.  Then I started looking up information about Pluto and other Kuiper Belt objects, and my little animation started growing. The next thing you know, this video happened.

This video is especially iffy because I'm a biochemist reacting to some very unfamiliar science that I read about on the internet.  Now I did read pages from NASA and other scientists, so it's not like I'm just summarizing Wikipedia or some crackpot.  But I suspect I'll be getting some emails from astronomers and/or fellow creationists anyway.  My apologies for being a complete amateur, but I am an enthusiastic amateur!

Still, it was a lot of fun taking a break from my normal life and learning a little bit about the solar system beyond Neptune.  What an amazing place we live in!  "If I ascend into heaven, You are there!" (Ps. 139:8).

Tomorrow, we'll descend into some depths, all the way to the submicroscopic level of the human genome, and God will be there too!

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