What Happened in the Garden?

Look what I just got!

Several years ago, I was invited by Joe Francis at the Master's College in California to co-author with him two chapters on human origins for a book addressing the historical Adam debate.  Our chapters are on human fossils ("Adam and the Animals") and human genes ("Genetics of Adam").  The other chapters are written by TMC faculty and by John MacArthur.  It's been a long time coming and a lot of work by the editor Abner Chou, and it's great to finally see it in person!

Here's the table of contents:

  • “Did God Really Say?” Hermeneutics and History in Genesis 3: Abner Chou
  • Adam and the Animals: Todd Charles Wood and Joseph W. Francis
  • Genetics of Adam: Todd Charles Wood and Joseph W. Francis
  • Genesis 3—A Map of Misreadings: Grant Horner
  • Genesis 3 and Original Sin: Paul R. Thorsell
  • A Woman’s Seed: William Varner
  • After the Fall—Three Effects on Human Enterprise: R. W. Mackey II
  • Thermodynamics and the Fall—How the Curse Changed Our World: Taylor B. Jones
  • In Re Adam and Eve—Reflections on the Creation and Fall of Man: A Legal Perspective: George A. Crawford
  • The Significance of Sin for the Psychologies: Ernie Baker
  • “He Made Them Male and Female”—Image of God, Essentialism, and Evangelical Gender Debate: Jo Suzuki
  • The Historical Adam in Education — Why Keeping Him Real in Our Curriculum Matters: Alexander Granados
  • A Sin of Historic Proportions: John MacArthur

Our two chapters summarize a lot of the work I've done on human origins for the last seven years, and I'm excited to start summarizing the technical stuff for a more general audience.  I'd also like to thank the faculty at TMC for letting me be a part of their book.

If you are registered for Core Academy's Smoky Mountain Creation Retreat, you'll get a copy FREE in your gift bag (along with other cool things).  If you just want to buy one, here's the listing on Amazon:

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