Starting off the new year

Good morning, and happy new year!

The past month has been really amazing.  We started the month of December facing a $4000 deficit in our annual budget, and we set that amount as our goal for our holiday fundraising.  You can imagine my delight when we topped $8,000 for the month's income.  That's a record amount for us, a record number of donations (by far), and a record number of new donors.  Thanks to everyone who helped us meet that important goal!

So we've got a lot of excitement on tap for this year.  We're planning our Creation Retreat for the first weekend of April, Science Day at RCA is coming up, and Homo naledi papers should be appearing in a couple months.  We'll also be starting up our second semester of "Introduction to Science" in just a few days. This semester, the kids will learn more about the history and practice of science, and the new textbook should be finished by April.

Also, coming this March is a new book with two chapters on human origins co-written by yours truly.  You can pre-order yours right now from Amazon:

Praise the Lord for His provision!  It's a great time to serve the Lord!

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