Homo naledi coming soon

I just finished (sort of) the first draft of my paper on Homo naledi, and it's a whopper.  I sort of just stopped working on it for now, because it's already too long.  Like most research, new data led in new directions and caused me to reconsider some things I had thought before.  The results of my analysis are really provocative (even to me), and I'm really stoked to get this paper published.

Next, it goes out for private review from colleagues, then it will undergo peer review at the Journal of Creation Theology and Science.  God willing, it will be published in a special issue on human origins early next spring along with a few other papers on human origins.  I hope you're looking forward to it.  I know I am!

I really want to say more about this discovery, especially since several other creationists have already chimed in.  But... I think it's better if I wait for the paper to come out.

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