Midsummer Celebration is coming to Chattanooga!

I'm really excited to announce that this year's Midsummer Celebration on June 20 in Chattanooga will feature guest speaker Paul Garner of Biblical Creation Ministries in the UK.  Since we launched Core Academy as a primarily online ministry, I've been eager to move our ministry to live events, and this will be our first big one.

The main attraction will be Paul Garner's presentation The New Creationism: Building a Creation Model at 7 pm.  This presentation is FREE to the public and will be an excellent introduction to Core Academy's approach to the creation/evolution debate.  Model building seeks to create new understandings of science in light of the scripture, and it has yielded some of the most exciting advances in creationism of the past 25 years.  Paul will give examples of exciting progress from his own research.  This will be a great presentation for anyone interested in science and faith.

For those who want to go deeper, we will offer a special workshop during the day before the evening presentation.  The theme is God's Created Kinds, presented by me, Paul, and Roger Sanders.  Most of you know that created kinds are a Core Academy specialty, and we're going to showcase that during this workshop.  It's an outstanding way to get up to speed on creationist perspectives on biology.  This will be a day-long workshop beginning at 9 am and going to 4:30 pm, with lunch included.  We are charging a $40 registration fee if you want to come to the workshop, and tickets are limited.  ACSI teachers are eligible to receive one CEU from this workshop.

Interested?  I hope so, and I hope you'll check out our website, where you can find more information about this event.  Keep following my blog, the Core Academy facebook page, or the Core Academy newsletter for more announcements about the Midsummer Celebration.  We still have some surprises left to announce!  You won't want to miss this!

Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.