Full Schedule for Origins 2014

The full schedule for Origins 2014 is now available at the Creation Biology Society website.  And here it is!

Wednesday, July 23
6:00 pm - Welcome dinner

Thursday, July 24 - Technical Conference
8:00 am - CGS & CBS board meetings
8:45 am - Session 1: Diversification & Design
  • Wise - "Spectra of Perfection: A Case for Biological Imperfection before the Fall"
  • Guliuzza - "The Value of Engineering Analysis in Identifying Organisms as the Primary Cause of Adaptability"
  • Wise - "Ontogeny as a Diversification Analog"
10:00 am - Break
10:15 am - Geology
  • Snelling - "Ebenezer: Taphonomic patterns in the Morrison Formation and a recently collected Allosaurus from northwestern Colorado"
  • Wood - "A Recently Recovered Scrapbook Assembled by John T. Reid (1871-1943) Reveals the History of the 'Triassic Shoe Fossil'"
  • Snelling - "Radioisotope dating of basaltic achondrites"
11:45 am - Lunch 
1:15 pm - Humanity
  • Wood - "Psychological Considerations on the Recognition of the Human Holobaramin"
  • Drai - "The Population Problem and Creationist Apologetics: From L. Euler to H.M. Morris and Back"
  • Liu - "Hormonal Regulation of Human Endogenous Retroviruses"
2:30 pm - Break
2:45 pm - Bark Beetles
  • Francis - "Research Update: Pine Bark Beetle Associated Tree Destruction in North America"
  • Blaschke - "Ancestral state reconstruction as a new method for identifying baramins of pathogens and parasites"
  • Wood - "Further Investigations of the Baraminology of Weevils (Curculionidae): Is Platypodinae a Holobaramin?"
4:00 pm - Break
4:45 pm - Species & Created Kinds
  • Bartlett - "A Surprising Set of Distinguishing Features Characterizing an Apobaramin, and its Larger Implications for Baraminology"
  • Wise - "Species as Brushstrokes: The Revelatory Species Concept in Creationism"
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:15 pm  - CBS  & CGS Business Meetings
Friday, July 25
General conference featuring special talks for the general public.  Special speakers include:
9:30 am - "Great are the works of the Lord: Building scientific models of origins on a biblical foundation" - Paul Garner (Biblical Creation Ministries)
10:30 am - "Killer Design:  The Revelation of Creation in Deadly Pathogens, from Prions to Lytic Phages" - Joe Francis (The Master's College)
11:45 am - Lunch 
1:00 pm - "Thorns, Thistles and Natural Evil" - Roger Sanders (Core Academy of Science)
2:00 pm  - "Fuzzy, with a chance of feathers: Taking a fresh look at dinosaurs and birds" - Marcus Ross (Liberty University)
3:15 pm - Break
3:30 pm - "Radioactive Dating of Rocks Made Simple" - Andrew Snelling (Answers in Genesis)
4:30 pm - "Climate Modeling: Past, Present & Future" - Steve Gollmer (Cedarville University)
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:00 pm - "Crucifixion Earthquake of 33 AD: Evidence within Laminated Dead Sea Sediment" - Steve Austin (Logos Research Associates)
8:00 pm - "In Praise of Ignorance: The Virtues of Research" - Todd Charles Wood (Core Academy of Science) 
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Saturday, July 26
Field trip to the Garden of the Gods
NEW!  Learn about the field trip right here.

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