A clarification of my own

It seems I caused some confusion with my previous post on the situation at Bryan College, and I need to clarify the meaning of that post.  Please understand that I'm not changing or amending that post; I am merely explaining the original authorial intent.

Since posting, I have been congratulated on joining the teaching faculty at the college, and I was criticized for swooping in like a vulture to pick up a job "while the bodies are still warm."

When I wrote that I was going to offer to "help," nonspecific help was the entirety of my offer.  I never intended to seek full-time employment as a teaching professor.  My current work with Core Academy of Science is more than a full-time job right now, and I am committed to developing that ministry.  The Core Academy board wants me to phase out of part-time teaching and work without distraction for the ministry.  My board's wishes were another motivation for not wanting to offer my help to the college (besides my emotional state).

I had a friendly conversation with the academic vice president, who at the time we spoke had no job openings.  I told him that I did not want a full-time teaching job but that I was open to other possibilities, including adjuncting.  Since neither of us was in a position to commit to anything, nothing was settled at that meeting, but it was friendly.

One final wrinkle has come to light since then, and it's a wrinkle that I said I wasn't going to make a big public fuss over.  So I'll just say it in a non-fussy way and move on.  As written, the clarification states that Adam and Eve were specially created "not from previously existing life forms."  "Life forms" obviously refers to "ancestors" and is intended to exclude evolution, but Genesis 2 indicates that Eve was indeed created "from a previously existing life form," namely Adam.  Going by what the clarification actually says, I don't agree with it.  Even though I know what the trustees meant, my conscience will not let me sign a statement of belief that I don't actually believe.  I have been assured that this will be cleared up when the trustees issue their clarification of the clarification (that paper they're working on), but in the meantime, I'm unable to be employed at Bryan College even as an adjunct.  I hope that's sufficiently clear and fuss-less (if not, I apologize).

Meanwhile, I'm really excited about what Core Academy has coming up.  We just got clearance from ACSI to offer teacher training, which is really exciting for us.  Our first round of online CEU short courses will be offered in May, and our plan is to expand our catalog every quarter with a new course.  We're currently developing courses on the created kind, Darwin's Origin of Species, Colorado, Yellowstone, and home microscopy (yeah, that's a thing).  If you're a teacher or you know a teacher, I hope you'll check out our short course offerings, and please let us know if you have any requests.

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