Faulkner on entropy

Danny Faulkner has a new paper on thermodynamics and the origin of entropy.  I haven't had the chance to read it all, but from my skim, I can see that he's absolutely on the right track.  Back in the early days of the modern creationist revival, influential creationists like Henry Morris and Emmet Williams maintained that entropy resulted from the Fall and really hammered Robert Kofahl (here and here) when he correctly explained how important entropy is to creation.

Fast forward to 2013: Faulkner also concludes that entropy cannot originate at the Fall.  I could even strengthen his case: entropy governs diffusion and osmosis.  As a result, any biochemical function that works on diffusion requires entropy to work.  Entropy is therefore essential for the correct functioning of pretty much everything in your body: blood, breathing, muscle contraction, digestion, the brain and nervous system, the endocrine system (and therefore growth and maturation), and so on.  We could not exist as a physical creation without entropy.

Thank God for entropy!

Read Faulkner's paper right here:

Faulkner.  2013.  The second law of thermodynamics and the curse.  Answers Research Journal 6:399-407.

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