Core Academy needs you!

From the new Core Academy newsletter:

Christians have struggled with science for decades.  Sometimes it's hard to focus on Jesus when there's a storm of doubt raging in your head.  Over the years, we've helped hundreds of students gain victory over doubts caused by science.  As we launch this new work, our mission is to extend that ministry to help the church gain a better understanding and appreciation of science, as an ally of faith rather than an enemy.  We want to help our students learn science without losing their faith.

Judging from the reactions we've gotten from around the world, we've tapped into a deep need.

When we launched this ministry in April, we did so on faith.  We didn't have money in the bank or a foundation backing us or a wide base of donor support.  We just trusted that the Lord and the Lord's people would supply our needs.  As I write this, we have enough money to sustain the ministry only to October.  We need $25,000 to continue our important work of raising up a new generation of bold, science-savvy Christian leaders.  This money will be used to pay expenses for our first year as we get the ministry going.

Will you prayerfully consider joining our work with a donation?  Will you help us minister to Christians struggling with science?  Any amount will help.

May our great Creator and Savior Jesus Christ bless you!

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