CBS talks for Origins 2013

Remember that Origins 2013, the annual conference of the Creation Biology and Creation Geology Societies will take place just prior to the ICC this summer on August 4, beginning at 12 noon.  In addition to the plenary presentation by Andrew Snelling of AIG, there will also be seven talks presented by the Creation Biology Society, and here they are:

Telomeres and Telomere Degradation in God's Design - Dykeman and Wise

A Creationist View of the Mammalian Immune System from the Red Queen to Social Interface - Francis

Categorizing Complexity in Biological Systems - Gollmer

Population Genetics of Raccoons and Raccoon Roundworm - Ingle

Were Species Necessary for Post-Flood Diversification? - Sanders

The Illustration of God's Nature as an Explanation of Biological Phenomena - Wise

The Value of Dental Characters for Resolving the Baraminic Status of Australopithecus sediba - Wood

Eventbrite - Origins 2013: Annual CBS/CGS Conference

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