We're going to ICC!

Final papers for the International Conference on Creationism were due yesterday, and I was literally rewriting papers almost to the last minute.  CORE faculty will be presenting six papers, and we definitely plan to go.  I have no idea how we can afford to go, but we're not going to cancel our work for a little thing like unemployment!  According to the current ICC schedule, we'll be giving the following talks:

Monday, August 5

8:00 am - "Mitochondrial DNA analysis of three terrestrial mammal baramins (Equidae, Felidae, and Canidae) implies an accelerated mutation rate near the time of the Flood," Todd Wood

10:00 am - "The fossil record of angiosperm families in relation to baraminology," Roger Sanders

Tuesday, August 6

10:00 am - "The biology of Vibrio cholera and origin of bacterial toxin-induced pathogenesis," Joe Francis and Todd Wood

Wednesday, August 7

1:15 pm - "A Review of the Last Decade of Creation Biology Research on Natural History, 2003-2012," Todd Wood

3:15 pm - "Baraminological analysis of Jurassic and Cretaceous Avialae," Paul Garner, Todd Wood, and Marcus Ross

Thursday, August 8

3:15 pm - "Australopithecus sediba, statistical baraminology, and challenges to identifying the human holobaramin," Todd Wood

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