Save CORE update

It's been a while since I posted, and we've been quite busy driving hither and yon meeting with folks and talking about the importance of CORE.  Once again, I wish I had a concrete update to give you, but I can only tell you that within a month, we should have a solid plan for the future.  We've managed to narrow our options down to two, and we're trying to decide which one we will pursue.  Both options are pretty exciting, and we've had some very encouraging meetings in the past month as we've pursued these options.  Neither option is really ideal, however, and there are some important drawbacks that we'll have to consider carefully.  Please pray for a clear direction for us as we try to decide what to do.  Or maybe we'll shoot for the moon and try to do both!

Meanwhile, there's a new Neandertal genome available.  I wish I had more time for such things...

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