Core Academy of Science

Yesterday's announcement garnered some concerned reaction, and I would like to clarify a few things.  After Bryan College dropped the Center for Origins Research, we had numerous opportunities that we could pursue.  Among those were institutional adoption and retiring to teaching positions, but in the back of our minds, we always dreamed of spinning off as a new nonprofit organization.  That's what Core Academy of Science is all about (notice the Core is just a word, not an acronym).  While we pursued all the other options, we continued to develop plans to launch Core Academy.  That's why you haven't heard from me very much over the past month or so.  I've been busy (very busy) with ministry plans, incorporation, and product development, while at the same time talking to people about other possibilities for CORE.

On Sunday, someone at church asked me specifically what to pray for, and I said without hesitation, DIRECTION.  There are too many possibilities right now, and I need some kind of clear direction.  A burning bush, a wet fleece, a talking donkey, something clear.  It's hard to make plans when we don't really know what we're planning for.

So Monday's message was as clear as it could be: CORE will not be adopted.  We're 99% sure that CORE is dead.

So long live Core Academy!  You shouldn't read this announcement as a despairing cry.  It's not.  It's a relief.  Other doors are now shut.  There's one left open, and we, the former CORE personnel, are really excited about it.

Since we're still in the organizational stages of legal incorporation and everything that goes with it, I'm not quite ready to announce just what Core Academy of Science will do.  I can tell you that some of what we've been doing on the campus of Bryan College will continue, but we also plan to expand our ministry in very significant ways that will allow you to become involved at a whole new level.  I will also tell you that we have no intention of duplicating what other creationist organizations are already doing.  Trying to squeeze into the crowded creationist advocacy market would be a disaster for us.  Core Academy will carve out its own unique niche.  Within a month we will be able to start announcing exactly what that niche will look like.

In the meantime, what can you do?  1) Pray.  2) Sign up for our newsletter.  That's where all the big announcements will be made, and I promise you won't want to miss out.  Seriously.  Sign up for the newsletter.  Right here:

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