CORE gets stuff!

Last week I asked for prayer for a meeting on Friday, and I wanted to report that the meeting went about as good as it could possibly have gone.  At issue was the legal ownership of the CORE physical assets (computers, research equipment, library, etc.).  Since CORE is legally part of Bryan College, the college legally owns all our stuff.  But since CORE has long operated with a great deal of independence in fundraising and spending, I was hoping that the administration would release all of our assets to us so that we can continue the work of CORE in some form or another (especially if we get adopted).  I'm pleased to report that Bryan's president Stephen Livesay agreed to let us have everything, which is a HUGE blessing.

So thanks to all who prayed.  Now I'm leaving for another really important meeting tomorrow afternoon (out of state) that might provide a new institutional home for CORE.  I would appreciate your prayers for me and all the CORE personnel as we try to make wise decisions about the future.

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