The future of CORE

On January 11, 2013, I had a meeting with Stephen Livesay, president of Bryan College.  He informed me that due to a significant budget shortfall, the college would be discontinuing support for the Center for Origins Research effective June 30.  He has offered to continue housing the CORE facilities, but there will no longer be any salary support for CORE faculty or staff.  Since we have very little regular donation support, his decision basically means the end of CORE as we know it.  You can read the official college statement on this closing at their website.

I have long known that CORE is a luxury for a small, Christian college.  In fact, every time I described my job, people were always shocked to hear that an undergraduate institution like Bryan employed faculty to do research (my teaching load is a quarter of a standard teaching load).  I also long feared that financial hardship would spell the end of CORE, since luxuries are always the first to be cut from a budget.  Given Dr. Livesay's commitment to the well-being of the college as a whole, I respect and support his decision to terminate support for CORE.

This is obviously a difficult time for me as I look for a new position, but also as I seek the Lord's guidance for the future of CORE.  Given the buzz that this decision has generated, I don't think we've seen the end of CORE - not by a long shot.  Things are happening all over the country to not just salvage CORE but to give it a real resurrection with a renewed purpose and identity.  I'll keep you posted on those developments, and I would very much appreciate your prayers.

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