Please stop re-inventing the wheel

I would like to draw your attention to an interesting letter in the latest CRSQ.  A couple issues back, CRSQ published an article by Bill Johnson titled "Biogeography: a creationist perspective," in which the author failed to cite a number of pertinent creationist writings on biogeography but nevertheless lamented that "creationists have largely remained silent on the issue."  In general, I found the article to be poorly written, overly basic, but especially unhelpful because Johnson seemed to be unaware of what creationists had actually written on biogeography.

On p. 158 of the newest issue of CRSQ, Carl Froede takes him to task for the omission of these citations.  After citing NINE creationist articles on biogeography absent from Johnson's citations, Froede wrote,
If we, as young-earth creationists, are unwilling to do the literature research and investigate the earlier work that is directly related to our subject matter (even when we are in disagreement with it) and those in control of editing and checking that work (at all levels) abandon their role in the process, then we cannot expect our work to achieve the quality that it should.  Concepts and ideas presented will simply be "rediscovered" without any advancement of the subject matter.
Absolutely right!  I couldn't have said it better.  It's also nice to hear this kind of complaint coming publicly from someone other than me!

Froede. 2012. Biogeography: a creationist perspective and a missed opportunity.  CRSQ 49:158.

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