State of my research 2012

It's time once again for me to take stock of my recent research progress.  Looking back over the last year's blog posts, it seems I haven't done this in some time.  Consider this a sort of annual report then.

This was an unusually busy year.  I submitted twelve research articles for publication.  Two of those articles have already been published in JCTSB (here and here), and two more have been accepted for publication.  Two were rejected, one of which was kind of a longshot anyway (not really a finished study).  The other rejection was my latest response to Senter, which was a lot of work.  That manuscript was turned down by six different journals, and every one of them was an editorial decision that the paper was just not appropriate for their journal, which I can't really argue with.  That leaves six more papers still in editing, and I'm hopeful that they will make it into print somewhere, since they're mostly not controversial.

As for my current projects, I will definitely revisit the statistical baraminology work that formed the basis for my response to Senter.  If I can't get it published in a mainstream journal, I will probably extend the work to make it a more complete baraminology study, then maybe publish it as a new monograph.  It's important work, and it needs to be published.

Meanwhile, I was sifting through old files on my computer a couple weeks ago, and I noticed that I have a surprising number of draft papers on the subject of homology and biological similarity.  I also have the results of a big study on protein homology that I did in 2011 that I haven't published yet either.  Most of you longterm readers recognize that homology is my hobby horse, so all this unpublished work should come as no surprise.  It should be fairly straightforward this spring to finish the research work from 2011 and wrap it up into a monograph along with the unpublished papers that I already have.  Frankly, it's about time I published all this work, so that should be very exciting.  Exciting to me anyway.

I have a couple other smaller projects in progress, but none that really bears mentioning.  With all this research and the work I'm doing on my Sunday school class (to be converted to an online course when I'm done), I'm really looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me.

Happy Christmas to all!

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