A surprising opinion on education and Bryan College

My wife found this short article in the Bryan archives the other day.  It's a very enlightened opinion, if I do say so myself.  It's a far more realistic understanding of east Tennessee than the bigotry of Mencken.
Chattanooga News
March 16, 1927

Says Evolutionists Should Support Bryan Memorial University

Dayton, Tenn. March 16th - Henry E. Colton, Nashville lawyer and one of the defense attorneys in the Scopes case following which WJB died here, says evolutionists should support the Bryan Memorial Univeristy at Dayton in spite of its expressed anti-evolution principles. "Education," says Mr. Colton, "is more important than any one of its elements or subjects."

With his letter to the Bryan Memorial University Association here expressing this view, Mr. Colton enclosed a check for $100.00 which is the popular subscription unit in the campaign for the university. To quote briefly from the letter:

"Those who believe in the teaching of evolution should not withhold their support from your university.
"Education is more important than any one its elements or subjects. Your University will serve our mountain people. They are intelligent and independent but lack educational advantages."
"I therefore take pleasure in enclosing a small check and wish you all success.
"While differing with Bryan's views on some subjects, I concur fully in the general view that many of the great reforms carried into effect by Roosevelt and Wilson were first made popular by Bryan and that the country is deeply indebted to him for his share in bringing these great reforms about."
Thanks to the Bryan College Archives (AKA, Mrs. Wood) for permission to post this.

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