New book from Pacific Press

There's a new book on creationism coming from Pacific Press, and this one looks to have some very interesting theological chapters (nothing against the science chapter titles, but the theology really caught my eye).  It's edited by Bryan W. Ball, and it's called In the Beginning.  Chapters include:
1.  Revelation and the Authority of Scripture 
    Bryan W. Ball
2.  The Transmission and Credibility of the Genesis Text
    Robert K. McIver
3.  The Word Speaks for Itself: A Theology of Scripture
    Jo Ann Davidson
4.  Genesis: Introduction to the Canon and to Biblical Theology
    H. Ross Cole
5.  A Theological Reading of Genesis 1
    Laurence A. Turner
6.  The Origins of Genesis Reconsidered
    Bryan W. Ball
7.  Understanding the “When” of Creation in Genesis 1-2
    Richard M. Davidson
8.  Biblical Theology and the Doctrine of Creation
    Paul B. Petersen
9.  The New Testament Use of the Genesis Text
    Steven Thompson
10.  Christ and Creation: Implications of a Christocentric Understanding
    William G. Johnsson
11.  Intelligent Design: Evidence From Molecular Biology
    Timothy G. Standish
12.  The Heavens Are Telling: A Biblically Informed Cosmology
    Grenville J. R. Kent
13.  The Natural Limits of Neo-Darwinian Evolution
    John C. Walton
14.  A Survey of Scientific Opinion Critical of Evolutionary Theory
    L. James Gibson
15.  The Genesis Flood and the Geological Record
    Ariel A. Roth
16.  Social Darwinism: Some Consequences of Evolutionary Thinking
    Reinder Bruinsma
17.  Theistic Evolution: Is It a Valid Option?
    Lael Caesar
You can read a sample of the book at the Pacific Press website, and seems to be the only ones who have it for sale so far (I assume it will eventually end up on Amazon?).

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