JCTSB: Biological and Genomic Change

I mentioned previously that JCTSB had begun issuing calls for papers for theme issues (the current call is here).  We have two of these theme issues in editing right now, and I'm pleased to announce the publication of our first issue dedicated to the theme of Biological and Genomic Change.  This one was kind of a surprise, since we didn't formally solicit manuscripts for it, but after we received two manuscripts on a similar subject, we made a theme issue out of them.  Here are the contents:

Of Batons and Themes - Sanders
Doing the Karyotype Shuffle - Bedinger
Ancient mtDNA Implies a Nonconstant Molecular Clock in the Human Holobaramin - Wood

The introductory essay serves both as a preface for this issue and Roger Sanders's last hurrah as JCTSB editor.  Seems like just yesterday I read an email from Roger on our old BSG mailing list suggesting that we start our own journal.  So I said, "Great, you be the editor!"  And the rest is history.

Bedinger's article is a review of karyotype variability in known baramins, and not surprisingly there can be quite a lot of karyotype variability in known baramins.  My article is one that's been bouncing around in my head for YEARS now, and the recent publication of the Neandertal and Denisovan genomes gave me a good nudge to get that paper into print.

I can't really discuss in detail our next theme issue, but I will tease you that it will have something to do with human origins.  While you're waiting for that one, don't forget the call for papers for our next theme issue on Symbiosis and Relationship.

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