Hello, Summit!

This week, I'm having a great time here at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, CO!  For any of you Summit students stopping by, welcome!

In our Q&A session, I mentioned three books about creationism that I recommend, and here they are:

Leonard Brand's Faith, Reason and Earth History
Kurt Wise's Faith, Form, and Time
Paul Garner's The New Creationism

I've also written a book, but it's out of print.  You can still find copies on Amazon, but I recommend used ones (they're cheaper):

Understanding the Pattern of Life

It's ten years out of date, but for what it is, it's not too bad.

Speaking of Paul Garner, he's got an interesting new post on his blog about microbial deposition of dolomite.  Trust me, that's a lot more interesting than it sounds.

In other news, the bonobo genome is out.  Bonobos are a cousin of the chimpanzee, and this is (I think) the last of the great ape genomes to be published.  I'm sure there are creationists all over the place getting ready to deny the similarity of this genome to the human genome.  You can read the paper yourself right here:

Pr├╝fer et al. 2012. The bonobo genome compared with the chimpanzee and human genomes. Nature doi:10.1038/nature11128.

For those of you still looking for a college, Bryan College (where I'm on the faculty) has a program in origins studies.  While you take classes for whatever major you're interested in, you can also take classes that count toward a minor in Origins Studies.  So if you're really interested in the creation/evolution debate, this would be a great opportunity to study with a veteran creation scientist (that's me).  Email me (address below) for more information.

Finally, if you remember only one thing from my presentations, remember that not knowing something is ok.  If you can't answer a question about species or the Big Bang or the fossil record, that's fine.  Sometimes I can't either.  Don't think you have to have all the answers before you can commit to Christ.

Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.