Origins Exhibit opens at Southern Adventist University

For several years now, Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, TN has been turning the halls of the Hickman Science Center into a beautiful new exhibit, with the intention of explaining our origins from a creationist worldview. The last time I saw it, they were working on the geologic column exhibit, having finished an amazing mural depicting the structure of a cell. I got to watch as they uncrated their Dunkleosteus replica (that's a really nifty kind of fish).

Now comes word that the work is finished and the exhibit is open to the public. You can find out more about the exhibit at their website:
SAU Faith & Science

After the somewhat discouraging reports in the latest NCSE Reports, it's nice to see Southern Adventist still taking a firm stand on creation. Congratulations to Lee Spencer, Keith Snyder, and all our friends and colleagues at Southern!

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