Origins 2011: Day 3

On the final day of Origins 2011, we tried something new: a conference specifically designed for the general public. I think it went well, and we learned a lot of things that will hopefully improve next year's conference tremendously. The final panel discussion on Already Compromised was especially intriguing and eye-opening. I think folks experienced a bit of discomfort with the revelation that most Christian colleges (even the creationist ones) teach about evolution. We don't teach that evolution is true, of course, but we definitely teach information about evolution so that our students will be prepared when they encounter it after graduation.

Here's a few images from our final days in South Dakota:

Joe Francis talking about microbes (one of his favorite topics):

Some of the posters presented at the conference:

Paul Garner at Mt. Rushmore (or a reasonable facsimile thereof at the Reptile Gardens):

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