Geocentrism in the news again?

There's an odd article from Chicago Tribune religion reporter Manya Brachear on the "Galileo was Wrong" crowd. Titled "A few Catholics still insist Galileo was wrong," the article is a very neutral introduction to the modern geocentrist "revival" spearheaded by Robert Sungenis. You might recall these guys from my own visit to last year's "Galileo was Wrong" conference in Indiana in November, 2010, which I chronicled in a series of posts (one, two, three, four, and five).

What makes this new article odd is that I can't tell why the story exists. There doesn't seem to be any "Galileo was Wrong" events on the near horizon that were being promoted. The big conference was nine months ago, so it's not exactly a timely report. If it was meant as a kind of report on the movement, it's not even very accurate. Brachear claims in her article that "Hundreds of curiosity seekers, skeptics and supporters attended a conference last fall titled 'Galileo Was Wrong. The Church Was Right' near the University of Notre Dame campus in South Bend, Ind." Hundreds? Hardly. There were 100 people there at most (the crowd grew during the day, then dwindled after dinner). I should know. I counted them.

So there you go. Here's an unnecessary blog post about an unnecessary article about geocentrism. Hey, writers gotta write about something, right?

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