Greg Hall at Origins 2011

Big news: Greg Hall, president of Warner University, has confirmed that he will be delivering a plenary session at Origins 2011 (the joint CBS/CGS conference). Dr. Hall is the co-author of Ken Ham's new book Already Compromised, which in my opinion is yet another fascinating survey of contemporary Christians' beliefs about origins. In Already Gone, the subject was young Christians who had fallen away from the church. In this new book, Ham and Hall focus on the leaders of Christian colleges. Some of their findings are exactly what I expected, but other results are really eye-opening.

Origins 2011 will be held at South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City, SD on July 28-30. The full conference includes a geological field trip, a technical conference (with at least 20 different talks and posters), and the concluding public conference.

Registration information can be found at the Creation Biology Society website.

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