CGS Conference Roster for Origins 2011

I just got the full roster of talks for the CGS portion of this summer's Origins 2011 conference. I'm really excited to see a great list of talks, especially from a lot of new names. We should have the CBS abstracts finished soon. Registration is still available at the early bird rate. Sign up here!

"Seismic and Volcanic Data Supporting a Global Catastrophic Event with Implications for Catastrophic Plate Tectonics," Cavanaugh

"Overthrust Faulting: A Mechanical Paradox Explainable Only in a Flood Context," Clarey, Strom, and Cheung

"Pseudotachylyte and Superfaults: Evidence of Catastrophic Earth Movements," Clarey and Austin

"Compaction of Sand in the Coconino Sandstone," Emery and Maithel

"Role of Aerosols in a Post-Flood Ice Age," Gollmer and Shirey

"Baraminological Analysis of the Caseidae (Synapsida: Pelycosauria)," McLain

"The Geomorphology of the Uinta Mountains and Its Implications," Oard

"Biogeography and Biostratigraphy: Coupled Constraints on the Placement of the Post-Flood Boundary," Ross

"Fractures in Central Wyoming: Indicators of a Single Orogenic Event and Its Subsequent Collapse," Thompson

"New Finds in the Coconino Sandstone, Arizona," Whitmore, Forsythe, Strom, and Garner

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