Monday updates

For those wondering, last week's tornadoes did indeed come roaring through Rhea county. We had four tornado warnings last Wednesday, but otherwise, we're fine. A tornado went through about 7 miles west of my house, but we only lost power for about two hours that evening. Bryan College was undamaged.

Meanwhile, we got a good number of abstract submissions for this year's CBS/CGS conference, for which I am very grateful. I'll have more to say about them after the editors finish their work.

Finally, Geisler et al. just published a new analysis of crown Cetacea using a supermatrix. Their conclusions from the abstract:
The parsimony analysis of the supermatrix and the analysis of morphology constrained to fit the ML/Bayesian molecular tree yielded broadly congruent phylogenetic hypotheses. In trees from both analyses, all Oligocene taxa included in our study fell outside crown Mysticeti and crown Odontoceti, suggesting that these two clades radiated in the late Oligocene or later, contra some recent molecular clock studies.
That is consistent with my own previous analyses.

Geisler et al. 2011. A supermatrix analysis of genomic, morphological, and paleontological data from crown Cetacea. BMC Evolutionary Biology 11:112.

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