Yet another helpful paper from Phil Senter

Longtime readers will recall Phil Senter's recent stream of papers directly addressing creationist claims. First there was the intermediacy of Australopithecus, then baraminology in dinosaurs and birds (and my response), and then the necessity of vestigiality in creationism. Now Paul Garner's blog points out that he's got yet another paper out tackling a creationist claim, and one that I've long been curious about: dinosaur petroglyphs. These are supposedly rock art made by pre-modern Native Americans that resemble dinosaurs. Could Native Americans have co-existed with dinosaurs?

Probably not, says Senter and his co-author Sally Cole. Check Paul's blog for a full summary of the paper, or just read it yourself. It's free [PDF].

Senter and Cole. 2011. "Dinosaur" petroglyphs at Kachina Bridge site, Natural Bridges National Monument, southeastern Utah: not dinosaurs after all. Palaeontologia Electronica 14(1);2A:5p.

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