More on the AIG homeschool convention story

Great Homeschool Conventions issued a statement on the AIG disinvitation, which you can read in PDF form here. Their main point seems to be Ham's attitude:
Dr. Ham was removed for his spirit not for his message. As an invited guest, Dr. Ham’s spirit toward our convention was unkind.  Dr. Ham’s spirit toward our attendees was not gracious.  Dr. Ham’s spirit toward other speakers was unprofessional. In short, a proud, ungrateful and divisive spirit was projected from Dr. Ham. Regardless of the message, Dr. Ham's approach sullied the atmosphere of the convention.
(I should point out that Ham does not have an earned doctorate.) Since they got CMI's Jonathan Sarfati to substitute for Ham, it seems their claims about Ham's young-age creationist message are quite genuine.

And here's Ham's son Nathan Ham reacting in a blog post called Free love Christians:
Some Christians today are like the hippies of 50 years ago who used the word "love" to justify their fornications and sins against the word of God. The hippie culture is often pictured as a group of drug-addicted, fornicating drunks whose catchphrase "make love, not war" gave their movement a false sense of piety. But to those who know a handful of Bible verses taught to Sunday school children, their sins are as grievous as the war crimes they claimed to oppose. Just the same, these Christians like to justify their disobedience to the Bible by saying “we are supposed to love each other”.
I understand his point about love being used as an excuse to tolerate error (and I sympathize), but does Nathan's post seem just a bit over the top to anyone else? After all, they replaced Ken Ham with Sarfati, who could certainly not be accused of being a hippy Christian or being soft on biblical compromise.

I'll have more to say about this mess later. In the meantime, I have an art show reception to prepare for.

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