AIG kicked out of homeschool conventions?

Yesterday there was a big to-do when AIG publicly rebuked Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc. for "disinviting" them from the Great Homeschool Conventions in Cincinnati and Philadelphia. You can read AIG's version at their website, and you can read P.Z. Myers's gleeful reaction at his blog. In AIG's article, they specifically accuse noted young-age creationist Jay Wile of "personal attacks" against Ken Ham, and they also accuse Susan Wise Bauer and John Stonestreet of supporting those attacks. This seems to have been precipitated in part by a blog post written by Wile, which you can read here.

Something tells me I should stay out of this, but ... I know John Stonestreet personally; he used to work here at Bryan College. I don't think of him as making wild accusations or being overly divisive. He's certainly not a "censor" or holding a "double standard" as AIG claims. If he has concerns, they are worth listening to. And his private concerns (whatever they were) certainly shouldn't have been made public on a website without his permission. Correction: John told me it was just a brief comment on a post by Jay Wile.

One thing I am sure of: There is no glory for Christ in this back-and-forth blog squabbling. I pray that Great Homeschool Conventions and the rest of the accused do not respond in kind to AIG.  This needs to be resolved privately first.

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