Coconino and Navajo sandstones

I just flipped through the March issue of PSCF (members only) and saw a new paper by Timothy Helble on the deposition of the Coconino sandstone, arguing against a Flood geology interpretation. How fun is that? Paul Garner, John Whitmore, and Ray Strom have been working on this very issue for several years now, and their work only gets mentioned briefly at the very end of Helble's paper. I'm very interested to see what they will make of Helble's paper.

Helble. 2011. Sediment Transport and the Coconino Sandstone: A Reality Check on Flood Geology. PSCF 63(1):25-41.

Then I popped over to Paul Garner's blog and saw a new post on the deposition of the Navajo sandstone. (For those keeping track, the Coconino is Permian and the Navajo is Jurassic.) Paul reviewed a claim by old earth creationist Greg Neyman about creationist claims about the Coconino and Navajo sandstones. Paul concluded,
...if you’re going to accuse creationists of misrepresenting or misunderstanding a scientific paper, then at least read it first - otherwise you might find that you’ve committed the very errors that you perceive in others.
The really interesting part? Helble acknowledges Neyman as the "originator of the idea" that his PSCF article is based on.

I can't wait to see how this turns out. I actually hope Helble's making an interesting argument. It would be nice to have some critical, beneficial feedback for Whitmore, Garner and Strom's project.

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