Center for Faith and Science International

After prayer and contemplation, I have decided to start writing articles for the Center for Faith and Science International, headquartered just up the road in Knoxville, TN. CFSI is dedicated to a pursuit of truth (which I agree with) and strives to represent accurately four different ways modern evangelical Christians approach the origins issue: evolutionary creation (AKA theistic evolution), intelligent design, progressive creationism, and young-age creationism. Needless to say, I will be representing young-age creationism. I've already got two articles posted there:

What is young-age creationism?
Young age creationism and accommodation [PDF]

My personal goal in this series of articles is to introduce students to the best representation of young-age creationism possible. Although there is much information about young-age creationism on the internet, a lot of it is contradictory, erroneous, and sometimes even offensive. Students need a quality source for reasonable discussions of data and scripture from a young-age creationist perspective. That's what I hope to provide.

On a larger note, my work with CFSI reflects a burden I've developed for true Christian unity among evangelicals who disagree over origins issues. This has been kind of a hot topic recently over BioLogos's upcoming conference (see Darrel Falk's perspective and Steve Matheson's reaction).  Although I don't have time right now to fully address this issue (as I would like), I think it's very, very important to move beyond propagandizing toward a true search for understanding.  That's a goal that I hope all evangelical Christians support.

So check out my ongoing series of essays at CFSI.  I'll update there about once a month with essays designed to address larger issues in creationism.  This blog will remain my more regular outlet for news and commentary on subjects of interest to creationism.

Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.