I hate being right

That didn't take long:

James J. Lee, Hostage-taker and Darwinist

Writes Klinghoffer:
My purpose here, of course, isn't to suggest that Darwinism drives people mad or anything like that, but merely to point out, as I've done in the past, the strange attraction Darwinian theory exerts on some people who are crazy, or wicked, or both.
Uh huh. Why is it that I can think offhand of far more wacko Christians than I can wacko "Darwinists?" Seriously, you should read some of the crazy emails I get.

Then again, I'll bet Klinghoffer doesn't care what I think:
I've written about this many times before and received much abuse for it
Guess I'm just one of the abusers, eh?

Whatever. I stand by what I wrote this morning.

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