Geocentrism conference

I've seen this on a couple of humor blogs, but I haven't noticed it on any of the creation/evolution sites. So I figured I'd alert the community. There's going to be a "First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism." The title: "Galileo was wrong: the Church was right." At least they're not going for sheer sensationalism.

Speakers and talks include:
Dr. Robert Sungenis: Geocentrism: They Know It But They’re Hiding It
Mr. Mark Wyatt: Introduction to the Mechanics of Geocentrism
Dr. Robert Bennett: Scientific Experiments Showing Earth Motionless in Space
Msr. Rick/Wyn Delano: Scientific Evidence: Earth in the Center of the Universe
Mr. Martin Selbrede: Answering Common Objections to Geocentrism
Dr. Gerry Bouw: The Biblical Firmament: Outer Space is Not Empty
Dr. Robert Sungenis: Galileo and the Church: What Really Happened?
Mr. John Salza, Esq.: The Fathers and Exegesis of Scripture on Geocentrism
Dr. E. Michael Jones: English Ideology, Newton & the Exploitation of Science
Mr. Hugh Miller: Carbon 14 & Radiometric Dating Show Young Earth went down early this morning after they exceeded their bandwidth limit, but you can get a PDF flier for the conference (with registration info and pictures of actual geocentrists) right here.

I haven't said much about geocentrism here because, well, it's not really anything I care about. Nor do I think it is a crucial issue of biblical authority. A whole geocentrism conference, however, is to weird to ignore. I've known about Bouw for years (we have some of his books in the CORE library), but I didn't know there were enough other guys in his camp to actually hold a conference, much less a specifically Catholic conference. I will try to go.

And my wife wants me to emphasize to the world that I am NOT a geocentrist. She doesn't want me to take any undeserved abuse. Very nice of her. I am a young age creationist, though, so feel free to mock me for that if you must.

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