You can't get it now

I've had a few questions over the weekend about Phil Senter. People want me to respond to his paper. All of you who have written can rest assured that I have already composed a response, but I'm not going to publicize that response until it gets published somewhere.

I think that's one of the sadder aspects of the instantaneous-publishing culture of the internet. We just don't take much time to think about things anymore. We feel this overwhelming need to respond NOW. Fortunately, I don't feel that need. I actually spent several days analyzing Senter's data and mulling over my response. After I wrote my response, I put it aside and sent it to several colleagues for their private feedback. I intend to revise and submit it for publication by the end of this month. I know this seems like an eternity to the internet culture, but that's how I work. I'd rather take my time and write something genuinely intelligent than shoot my mouth off and say something stupid. Especially on a subject as important as this.

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