Striking parallels in A&F

I got the latest Acts & Facts in the mail last night, and I read Jeanson's latest article about ICR's life sciences team. This month, he's talking about biological change, and if you haven't read it, you should. Because the rest of this post won't make sense until you do. So go read it now if you haven't.


OK. I was struck by how Jeanson's arguments sounded so ... familiar. Like I'd read them before somewhere...
Robinson & Cavanaugh (1998b) follow Mehlert (1995) in assigning all extant cats to a single baramin. If they are correct, modern cat species have descended from a single pair of cats on the Ark. If it is a true representation of the history of the felid baramin, the cat phylogeny of Mattern & McLennan (2000) must therefore be a post-Flood history. Job mentions lions in four different passages, and because Job is roughly a contemporary of Abraham, we may infer that lions first appeared within a few hundred years after the Flood. Since lions appear in a recent branch of Mattern & McLennan’s tree, we may infer that the diversification of cats should be compressed into a few hundred years after the Flood....

The magnitude of variation required to produce all the cat (or dog or horse or camel) species in such a short time is assuredly unlike any variation or speciation we are presently observing. By inference from the studies cited above, we may make three observations about the cause(s) of intrabaraminic diversification. First, because of the apparent morphological stability of modern species, we infer that diversification must be caused by a permanent alteration of the organisms’ genomes. ... Second, the rapidity of diversification would seem to eliminate neodarwinian mechanisms from the list of possible causes. To produce diversification so quickly, the mechanisms must specify the alterations in some way. Third, because we no longer observe speciation on the scale of intra-baraminic diversification, we infer that diversification has ceased.
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