Reflections on Evolution 2010

There's something energizing about a good science conference. Hanging out with smart people, talking about smart things, listening to smart talks. There's just something cool about being in the same room with people like Joe Felsenstein or Doug Futuyma. Just being there re-energizes my brain. I had a really good idea for a whole new research project while I was there, and I got a few smaller ideas for improvements to other projects I'm working on.

Then I came home, and I noticed an outrageous banner ad at a creationist blog proclaiming: "2013: Darwinism Falls." Ugh. I understand that there are people who think (mistakenly) that there's a big crisis in evolutionary biology and it's going to collapse, but I've never encountered anyone arrogant enough to set a date. So I clicked on the ad, and it was pretty sad. It's some site run by an engineer. What is it with engineers? Why is it the most arrogant and vitriolic antievolutionists are engineers? I don't know, but here's a prediction for you, Mr. 2013-Darwin-Falls: It ain't gonna happen. I was just there at Evolution 2010 (unlike you), and I've been to many of their past conferences (also unlike you). They're doing fine. They're plugging right along. There's lots of excitement. Lots of research funding. Thousands of researchers. They're not going anywhere. So unless Jesus Christ returns bodily to rule the earth in the next three years, 2013 will see evolutionary biology continuing to enjoy the same cultural power they have now.

On a brighter note, it looks like we're going to have a record attendance at the BSG/CGS conference this year. The early registration deadline has past, but you can still register. So if you want to hear the latest in serious creationist research from serious creationists doing actual research, check us out:

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