BSG/CGS conference day #2

The first full day of presentations at BSG/CGS was great. We had great talks on the creation of plants in Genesis 2, the dominion mandate in Genesis 1, underwater debris flows, and mechanisms for halite and anhydrite deposition in a submarine environment. Very nice. The baraminology session went fine also. Gordon Wilson argued that we should be more conservative in our delimitation of baramins, and Roger Sanders presented evidence that the Verbenaceae are a single holobaramin. I closed that session with my sediba talk, which was a lot tamer than I expected. To this crowd, my conclusions were far less controversial than they are to certain other folk (who, I might add, did not show up). In the afternoon, we had presentations on radiohalos, dinosaur tracks, geology in Christian textbooks, and post-Flood climate modeling. It was a very good day.

The CGS and BSG boards met at dinner and settled on next year's conference venue: Rapid City, SD. The date will be July 27-29, 2011. We are planning a special program to mark the 50th anniversary of The Genesis Flood, and I'll have more details about that as they are available.

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