What are you reading?

Here for no other reason than pure curiosity, I give you the most popular issues of the Occasional Papers of the BSG. In terms of total downloads, the top three are:

1. The Chimpanzee Genome and the Problem of Biological Similarity (1682 downloads)
2. A Refined Baramin Concept (1326 downloads)
3. All Creation Groans: Proceedings of the Sixth BSG Conference [PDF] (1291 downloads)

In downloads per month, these are the top three:

1. Irreducible Complexity and Relative Irreducible Complexity: Foundations and Applications (141.8 downloads/month)
2. Genesis Kinds: Creationism and the Origin of Species: Proceedings of the Eighth BSG Conference [PDF] (98.9 downloads/month)
3. The Chimpanzee Genome and the Problem of Biological Similarity (76.5 downloads/month)

In the interest of fairness, here are the least popular in downloads/month:

1. A Baraminological Analysis of the Tribe Heliantheae sensu lato (Asteraceae) Using Analysis of Pattern (ANOPA) (30.1 downloads/month)
2. Bishop John Wilkins, F.R.S. (1614-1672) and his discussion of Noah's Ark (30.9 downloads/month)
3. An Evaluation of Lineages and Trajectories as Baraminological Membership Criteria (34.8 downloads/month)

I am pleased to see that I'm an author or co-author of all three least popular papers in OPBSG's short history. It's an honor. The most popular seem to gravitate around semi-controversial topics, for whatever that's worth. People like controversy, I guess. By the way, I just started work on a "sequel" to the chimp genome paper. I'm sure you'll love it.