Waltke's resignation

As most of you know, Bruce Waltke resigned from his position at Reformed Theological Seminary over a video posted at the BioLogos website (see part of the story here). There was an immediate sensationalized overreaction, with some commentators likening Waltke to Galileo (oh please) and condemning RTS for its oppressive lack of "academic freedom." Other conservative voices took the opportunity to dump salt in the wound and denounce theistic evolution. I didn't find Waltke's views the least bit surprising. I've known for at least four or five years that he advocated something like theistic evolution. That's why I'm a bit surprised by the reaction. Isn't this old news?

Anyway, I found a few thoughtful and informative reactions that I thought I'd pass along. Here's a reaction from RTS student Jake Belder and a careful, nonsensational article by Don Clements from The Aquila Report.