Home again

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear me speak at Messiah College on Saturday. I thought the symposium went really well, and I was very happy to see and meet folks who have been reading this blog. Thanks also to Ted Davis for the invitation and for the great hospitality.

Now I'm home for the next few months. I think my next big trip will be Evolution 2010, June 25-29 in Portland, Oregon. In the meantime, I've got plenty of work I want to get done. As you might imagine, this week will likely be consumed by Australopithecus sediba (and my tax return, but that's boring in comparison).

Speaking of sediba, Bob Simon did a report on Lee Berger and the discovery on 60 Minutes last night. (To be completely honest, I had no idea it was coming. I just flipped on the TV right before my usual Sunday addiction, The Amazing Race.) Here's the embed from cbsnews.com:

As I watched, part of me (a very small part) was thinking about the manufactured hype over Ida. I think this situation is quite different. With sediba, there's no coordinated documentary or book, and no sign of compromise in the scientific publishing due to PR issues. Instead, I think most paleoanthropologists agree that sediba deserves the attention it's getting, and the excitement is genuine rather than manufactured.

Meanwhile, in the creationist camp, I thought AiG had a pretty careful and measured response to the discovery. Bravo! I haven't seen anything from ICR or CMI yet.