Flat earth at last!

In my quest for all things weird, I was absolutely delighted to stumble across a reference to the International Flat Earth Society on John Lynch's blog. Unflattering comparison of creationists to flat-earthers has been around for years, and numerous creationists have attempted to track down the legend of the "Flat Earth Society." Finally, an article by Jerry Bergman published in Journal of Creation in 2008 reported the almost unbelievable story of the Flat Earth Society [PDF]. It did exist, and it had a newsletter! Needless to say, I wanted that newsletter for the CORE library. Now I learn that the Flat Earth Society is apparently still going, and you can download their newsletters from their website. You can even sign up for a flat earth T-shirt. Fantastically bizarre.

Despite the silly attempts to link creationism to flat-earthism (or whatever they call it), the Bible just doesn't say what shape the earth is. I know it refers to the "four corners of the earth" and "the circle of the earth," but there's no reason to believe that these were anything other than figures of speech. I'm sure many people will disagree, but that's their problem.