BSG newsletter and conference

BSG members: There's a new BSG newsletter posted at the BSG website. After you log in to the BSG site, you'll see "Newsletter" appear in the links at the top of the page. I want to thank Jonathan Bartlett for editing these newsletters for us. I know what a hassle it can be putting these things together, especially for such a small group, and I appreciate his work on this.

Also, there have been some questions regarding BSG/CGS conference. We're still working out details and pricing, so we can't open registration yet, but I can explain how it will work. Registration will include housing, meals, and printed conference materials. There will be one conference for both BSG and CGS (no separate registration). There will be a nonmember cost per person, and a steep discount for BSG/CGS members. Students will also get a generous discount on nonmember and member prices. If you would like the member's discounted registration, notice that you can join the BSG for only $20. Voting membership is open to those with graduate degrees in some area relevant to biology or theology, but associate membership is open to any and all. You do not have to accept any doctrinal statement to join BSG or to attend the conference. If you want to bring a spouse or other family member, let us know, and we can probably cut you a deal on the registration cost. (And if you live in southeast TN or northwest GA, we can probably even hook you up with transportation to and from the conference). If you have any questions regarding the conference registration, you can contact the BSG secretary (listed on the BSG contact page) or just drop me an email: toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.